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Clarity, systematic, efficient...

Navigating the decision-making process of an early stage startup can be easily muddied up by competing priorities.
A mutual friend recommended that I talk to Seamus to get some support. 

With his breadth and depth of expertise, Seamus gave my team clarity around next steps, strategic levers to pull, and a framework around how to think through similar future decisions. 

Great communication, systematic thinking, and efficient.

- Brandon Lee
Co-Founder | Orenda Education Initiative

The fastest "study" I have ever encountered...

Seamus was the fastest "study" I have ever encountered. Innovative, seemingly instantly adaptable, and efficient under extreme pressure. Good decorum under every circumstance. No obstacle of learning or inconvenience would stop him from doing superb work largely unattended. An ideal colleague for many disciplines involving service, technical ability, strict logic, and mental endurance in the face of changing requirements and new ground.

- Dave Heinrich
Senior Mechanical Engineer | Phizer Pharmaceutical

hardest working, quickest, most intelligent...

Seamus is one of the hardest working, quickest, most-intelligent,most prompt, kind, and ethically grounded individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working side by side with.

- Tyler Alden
Education Director | HRG


excitement, intelligence, and a sense of fun...

If you want someone who not only thinks outside of the box, but can design the box,
build the box and then sell the box then Seamus is your man! His curiosity and reseraching abilities are outstanding qualities which he blends with discipline and followthrough. He is a force to be reconed with and brings ecitement, intelligence and a sense of fun to every project.

- Kevin Cuffe
Co-founder | Bru Broth

honest and candid...

Seamus led a project for me. He was a pleasure to interact with while also being action and detail oriented. He presented honest and candid views with passion and led his team of five in such a way that their work was a single, coordinated product.

- Mike DeNunzio
Founder | HonourMark

enthusiastic, hardworking, creative and insightful...

Seamus provided excellent and thoughtful research assistance to me on complex and unconventional topics. He approached each assignment with his strong intellect combined with his broad experience in the world before law school. He was consistently enthusiastic, hardworking, creative and insightful. He was also willing to challenge me and my assumptions in a respectful and useful way.

- Tim Iglesias
Professor of Law | University of San Francisco

none of them cared about the establishment as much as Seamus...

I had the pleasure of working with and for Seamus at Colorado Steakhouse in Bloomington, Indiana from 2003-2004. The steakhouse went through several managers during my two years with the restaurant, and none of them cared about the establishment as much as Seamus nor demanded as high a degree of service from the employees. He was an efficient trainer and very friendly while still holding high standards for the staff. I enjoyed working with Seamus both personally and professionally during my tenure at Colorado Steakhouse, and I know he has (and will) hold the same qualities in all current and future endeavors.

- Erin Martin
Associate Broker

a perfectionist, and brings other co-workers up to his level...

I am always impressed with Seamus' professional, capable and intelligent presence. He is an active participant in all levels of education, while also demonstrating his pro-active nature by establishing his own education focuses and groups. He is a perfectionist, and brings other co-workers up to his level.

- Courtney Lease
Western Regional Manager | Martine's Wines, Inc.

clever, elegant, articulate...

Seamus is a rare type of individual that performs at his best everyday and every time. He is clever, elegant, articulate, extremely professional and efficient, very friendly and a pleasure to be around.
If this recommendation had a rating system he would be a 10 out of 10.

- Eugenio Jardim
US Ambassador | Wines of Portugal

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