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Vulpine Blue

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USF Law School

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About Seamus

I have a passion for dissecting and solving complex puzzles in novel disciplines.
Roles and experiences that set me apart:

-A masterful waiter in fast-paced, fine restaurants = I can think on my feet and maintain composure in any frenetic context.

-Eviction defense for mentally ill & clerk for a federal magistrate = I am comfortable in high-stakes, challenging situations.

-A research assistant and editor = I have a sharp eye for every errant jot and tittle.

-A single-speed, urban cyclist = I am fearless and confident.

-A successful project manager dozens of times over = I organize like a manager and inspire like a leader.

-Intentionally (previously) homeless = I am intellectually curious, unfazed by discomfort, and obnoxiously positive.

-A laborer in factories and a slaughterhouse for over 105 hours per week = I am tirelessly driven.


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